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Navigator for the EA-6B – the U.S. Navy’s carrier-based electronic attack aircraft

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How to Get a Certificate in Cybersecurity

A cybersecurity certificate is a graduate degree that increases knowledge of cyberspace’s tools, protocols, and social dynamics. Understanding data network and communications technology is provided, along with information on the various risks that organizations face and the communication strategies that can lessen those risks. This graduate-level certificate allows students to create efficient enterprise information securityContinue reading “How to Get a Certificate in Cybersecurity”

Teaching Strategies Examples

Several teaching strategy examples are discussed below. One technique is called a paper cloze. The student divides a paper into three sections and tries to find the key phrases in a story. This method encourages student interaction and allows them to participate in the process of learning. After identifying the key phrases, the student refinesContinue reading “Teaching Strategies Examples”

How to Find Cheap Flights and Hotels on Google Reviews

Google made several updates to its hotel shopping ecosystem in October 2018. A more thorough hotel search, Google reviews, and a map-based experience are a few. Photos and pricing comparisons will also be included in hotel listings. Users can also read reviews from various websites. The quality of search results will increase as more hotelContinue reading “How to Find Cheap Flights and Hotels on Google Reviews”